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“I have to admit that I’ve never really been a “crop” guy, until I was introduced to the Penergetic technology by a good friend of mine from Canada. He said, I’ve got some farmers that are using this product from Switzerland and I think you might find it pretty interesting. So a couple of years …

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Time and time again we are confronted with dairy farmers who complain of problems with their manure lagoons. They realize that the manure in their lagoon represents a valuable bi-product of raising livestock and an opportunity to reduce other nutrient inputs they apply on their land; yet problems of lagoon crusting, bottom sludge, (often) having …

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Any farmer who has tried to operate a field sprayer using hard water knows the problems of chemical applications locking up in the sprayer tank when mixed with hard water. Often it is challenging to find a solution to this type of water situation. Yet, there is a water vitalizer – the AquaKat® – and …

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