September 24, 2014 Agriculture No Comments

“I have to admit that I’ve never really been a “crop” guy, until I was introduced to the Penergetic technology by a good friend of mine from Canada. He said, I’ve got some farmers that are using this product from Switzerland and I think you might find it pretty interesting. So a couple of years ago I got in my truck and traveled the 90 or so miles to the Fraser Valley (in British Columbia) and thus started my Penergetic introduction and education.

Higher yields, thicker plants, more leaves, higher nutrient quality, more protein and all while cutting back on fertilizer was a constant theme that several dairymen I met with had to say. The real turning point for me to get this product into the hands of some growers here in the U.S. was when I spoke with an alfalfa grower in Alberta that said he was introduced to the foliar spray after his first cutting in 2013 and applied it shortly after that. He said “I’ve never seen anything like it!” over the course of the next two cuttings, he told me, the treated 60 acres yielded almost a ton more per acre than the field across the road – and this is dryland farming. It was this discussion that convinced me that I had little to lose and much to gain by getting it into the hands of some growers and letting the product speak for itself.

Well the rest, as they say, is history! With over 1,200 acres of various crops being evaluated this year I can honestly say that every customer raising alfalfa or grass this year, that has been able to evaluate yield and/or quality has been impressed. From the high (dryland) valleys of Idaho to the Puget Sound region of Washington State, this product has proven that applied correctly it provides impressive ROI’s. The unique thing about the product is it improves the yields and quality of various alfalfas and grasses under a wide range of conditions even above and beyond what the grower was told by the salesperson when they bought the alfalfa seed in the first place! Of course, our experience is that the Penergetic approach to crop production works on other crops as well – corn, soybean, potatoes…..[as best we can tell, on virtually any crop.]

So looking ahead to 2015 we are encouraged by all of the 2014 results and now challenge anyone in the U.S. to use this product and see for himself what it is capable of doing compared to a “like” field – not treated with Penergetic. I’ve told potential dealers time and time again, “get a bit of the product, take it out of the box, and the performance will create the opportunity”. As one of my good PhD friends said when he saw the results of some of our Idaho trials: “Wow, this is a nobrainer if you grow alfalfa!

Written by Justin Henson
Justin Henson Director-U.S. Dealer Development Penergetic Solutions