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Penergetic G and G (k) Turning heads with its effectiveness on lagoons and manure pits of various size operations throughout the U.S.. 2014 was the first full year of Penergetic products being sold in the U.S., and what a whirlwind it was with the various customers that came on board and implemented this novel technology …

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Time and time again we are confronted with dairy farmers who complain of problems with their manure lagoons. They realize that the manure in their lagoon represents a valuable bi-product of raising livestock and an opportunity to reduce other nutrient inputs they apply on their land; yet problems of lagoon crusting, bottom sludge, (often) having …

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Any farmer who has tried to operate a field sprayer using hard water knows the problems of chemical applications locking up in the sprayer tank when mixed with hard water. Often it is challenging to find a solution to this type of water situation. Yet, there is a water vitalizer – the AquaKat® – and …

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