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Penergetic G and G (k)

Turning heads with its effectiveness on lagoons and manure pits of various size operations throughout the U.S..

2014 was the first full year of Penergetic products being sold in the U.S., and what a whirlwind it was with the various customers that came on board and implemented this novel technology in their operations.  From Pennsylvania to Washington State, as well as several states in between, the results were overwhelmingly positive.

If there was one thing I as well as some of our dealers learned this past year, it was that every lagoon or manure pit reacts differently, yet the desired results over time are pretty much the same.  Whether it’s controlling odor, breaking up solids or converting the manure to a more valuable “plant available” source of fertilizer, it has happened (or is happening) at all of the operations that have implemented a simple program of using Penergetic G or G (k).

I wish that every lagoon or manure pit reacted identical to one another and over the same time frame, but every situation is a bit different.  Some difference can include: the initial condition of the lagoon or pit, the number of animals contributing to the system and the type of waste management system the operation has in place.  Due to the range of variables to consider, it gives us (qualified Penergetic reps) the opportunity to get to know the dairymen; identify their specific manure- treatment challenges; develop an application rate and approach that best fits their operation; and, finally follow-up with them to ensure the product is performing effectively and is meeting their expectations.

Nothing is more satisfying than providing a product to a customer that says, “I’ve tried all sorts of different products to treat my lagoon before and, to date, nothing has worked! “ and then after using this product they say “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like it!”  This past year, this has repeatedly been the case with dairymen customers who followed our recommended, simple protocol. If you have a dairy herd and want to get higher value out of your manure I hope you will take the time to look at a few of the testimonials under the Penergetic G heading on the Trials and Testimonials webpage on this website.

What do all of our customers have in common?  They all set aside their past bad experiences of using ineffective bacterial or enzyme type products, and gave this economical, Swiss-based technology a try.  Incidentally, although Penergetic G has been widely used in over thirty other countries (over the past twenty years) it is new to the U.S. market.  Typically, when we first discuss using Penergetic G with dairymen they say: “If it can do what you say it can do and solve some of my challenges then I’ll give it a shot.”  Based on repeat business from these first year users, I can tell they are glad they did!

I anticipate 2015 being a great year with many more success stories and many new first time users experiencing the Future of Agriculture Today, with their introduction to Penergetic.  Feel free to contact me to find out more.


Written by Derek Pratt
B.E.S, M.B.A., Cert Ag, Managing Director, Penergetic Solutions.