September 24, 2014 Water Treatment No Comments

Any farmer who has tried to operate a field sprayer using hard water knows the problems of chemical applications locking up in the sprayer tank when mixed with hard water. Often it is challenging to find a solution to this type of water situation. Yet, there is a water vitalizer – the AquaKat® – and although it has been in use for over twenty years (mainly in Europe), most of its history of use has been in a residential context or in conjunction with commercial/industrial uses. It is only more recently that it has gaining broader exposure and application in an agricultural setting.

There is documented evidence to indicate that when given AquaKat® water, versus their “regular” water supply the performance of dairy cows, swine and poultry can improve. Yet, that is not the purpose of this discussion. Instead, getting back to hard water and farm chemical applications – it has been discovered that by affixing an “adequately-sized” AquaKat® onto the main lines of a field sprayer or using restructured AquaKat® water as the water supply used to tank mix chemicals added to a field sprayer one can alleviate the previous problem of chemicals locking up by becoming affixed to the calcium and magnesium components in the hard water. [For more details on how hard water can impair the effective use of agricultural chemicals and how the AquaKat® is able to assist in overcoming this problem visit the AquaKat section of

Yet, this story does not end here. During 2014, research work done by a group of agronomists and soil scientists at AgroPlus (an agricultural company in Russia) has reveals that the AquaKat besides simply overcoming the (above described) problems associated with hard water and farm chemicals, the AquaKat® can (perhaps more profoundly) actually convert the hard water into a crop benefit. By changing the particle size of the elemental calcium and magnesium in hard water to infinitely small the AquaKat® is able to make these elemental nutrients small enough to be able to permeate through the plants’ cell membranes –becoming plant nutrients. The small experiment below, involving the germination of wheat kernels, is an example of the difference in plant growth with AquaKat® water compared to non-AquaKat water.


Although farmers in Quebec, Canada (and elsewhere) having not undertaken the sophisticated research on the benefits of the AquaKat® that AgroPlus scientists (in Russia) have, they have developed their own appreciation for the benefits of using an AquaKat® in conjunction with their field spraying operations. Their observations are that the AquaKat® seems to make both their farm chemicals and the Penergetic crop production products they use synergistically work better. Also, since the AquaKat® is not plumbed in and is simply strapped in place, and since a farmer only sprays his fields infrequently, as one farmer says: “I can take the AquaKat® off the house system and use it for my field spraying and return it to my house system, usually, before my wife even knows it was removed.”

Written by Derek Pratt
B.E.S, M.B.A., Cert Ag, Managing Director, Penergetic Solutions.