Revitalized Water –
the elixir of life

    • spring water quality
    • better taste and absorption
    • prevents lime build-up & rust
    • health enhancing properties


≈ no magnets, no electricity, no chemicals used, no on-going operating costs ≈


  • residential
  • industrial
  • commercial
  • agricultural
  • swimming pools / hot tubs
  • heating/air conditioning systems (incl. in-floor hot water heating)
  • other uses



What is water?

Water is an irreplaceable natural resource and the source of all life on earth. It is a tasteless and odourless, clear and colourless fluid, which consists of two of the most common elements in nature: hydrogen and oxygen. Besides suspended minerals and organic particles in soluble form, natural water also contains various gases (e.g. oxygen) and solids (mineral nutrients).

Water is also a storehouse of information. Water contains imprinted energy oscillations, or information, which, amongst other things, influences homeostasis (the body’s own regulatory system). Therefore we are not only concerned with physically cleaning the water from pollutants but also with the energetic deletion of the information of pollutants.

Function and Resonance Effect

The AquaKat® is a water revitalization device that emits subtle information patterns which have the effect of changing the characteristics of water. In the same manner as a catalytic converter in a car changes harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions, the AquaKat® changes the nature of water by transmitting specific frequency patterns to it. Charged information in the AquaKat® causes water to resonant at a specific frequency (much like a tuning fork when struck will cause a nearby stationary tuning fork to also start resonating). This causes water’s crystalline structure to take on the attributes of natural spring water (see photos below).


Based on our understanding of water’s ability to store and emit information, the following can be deduced regarding the effect of the AquaKat: It alters the “memory’ of the water by changing the clusters within it, so that the information patterns of tap water adopt an oscillation identical to that of the AquaKat® (see graph below). Water revitalization with an AquaKat® increases water’s vitality, gives it a softer feel and improves its taste. Water filtration and reverse osmosis systems will cleanse water of various substances: chemical, heavy metal and organic contaminants. Unfortunately, they do not restore the energies and information related to them nor do they restore the vitality (life) to water – necessary in activating water’s natural healing abilities.

How it works and its effects

The effect of the AquaKat® device is based on the blend of information used from several different sources of spring water of the highest quality and best origins, and on information from minerals, oxygen and other sources. Due to the combination of these informational frequencies, water subject to the AquaKat’s influences takes on spring water properties, including the benefits associated with drinking such water (better taste, “internal cleansing”) and from bathing/showering in it (more agreeable, better feel), but also takes on the best protective qualities of water such as natural hardness stabilization (i.e. calcium) and increased absorption ability (i.e. overcoming red / gray discolouration, cleaning effect, freshness). [For a comprehensive list of the many attributes of AquaKat-treated water refer to the section (below) titled: Application Overview.]

To date only a few scientists have recognized the energetic and informational impact attributable to drinking water pollution. One of the best known, Wolfgang Ludwig, advocates the theory that “water contains certain signals, even after being treated, which depending on their wavelength, can be detrimental or damaging to health”. Imprinted energy oscillations contain information. Therefore pollutant oscillations in the water also contain information that influences homeostasis (the body’s own regulatory system) among other things. This means that in order for water to be clean or harmless, because its pollution levels are within allowable limits, it is necessary that energies and informational frequencies related to these pollutants also be eliminated. Ludwig concluded that the informational frequency imprints of these pollutants need to be removed through water revitalization processes – such as the AquaKat® is able to provide.

Why water vitalization?

As already mentioned, water contains imprinted energy oscillations, or information, which, among other things, influences homeostasis (the body’s own regulatory system). This means that water is not just clean or harmless because its pollution levels are within the allowed limits, but also that energies and possibly harmful information relating to them also have to be eliminated. Therefore, it has to be living (or vital) water.

Water can store and emit ethereal information. Therefore we are not only concerned with physically cleaning the water of pollutants, but also with energetic deletion of the information of pollutants

Application Overview

  • Water revitalization
  • Increases the biological water quality
  • Higher bioavailability of dissolved minerals in the water
  • Restoration of natural dynamics and harmony (spring water quality)
  • Multi-information of diverse spring waters, oxygen and minerals

Technical Solutions

  • Dissolves/prevents lime build-up on pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Stabilization hardness and homogenization lime in water
  • Prevents/eliminates biofilm on inside wall of water pipes
  • Protects water pipes and household appliances
  • Less aggressive and less corrosion, protects against rust
  • Increased solubility capacity of water to absorb dissolved substances
  • Longer storage of water without a deterioration of quality
  • Increased hygiene and sanitation as sedimentation does not build-up on pipes
  • Permanent function – water retains vitality, even when stationary (not flowing) in pipes

Health Effects

  • Supports increased alkalinity (elevated pH)
  • Health activation, supports physical well-being
  • Energetic cancellation of harmful information in water
  • Optimized solubility and higher absorption capacity of mineral substances in the water
  • Provides water with positive life force (Bovis reading) and healthy “left spin” spectrum

Other Benefits

  • Revitalized water, rich in energy
  • Spring water quality and attributes
  • No change in the water composition
  • Fresher taste and changes the nature of chlorine
  • Feels softer to touch and taste
  • Reduces use of soaps, detergents and additives
  • Enhances septic system functionality
  • Reduces surface tension of water (increased viscosity)
  • No plumbing required to install
  • No maintenance or operating costs
  • No magnetism, no electricity, no chemicals and not susceptible to frost damage
  • May be used on copper, PVC, plastic or metal water line
  • Available as waterproof unit – which can be suspended in a water storage tank
  • Thousands of users worldwide – more than 25 years of usage

Range of Uses

  • Individual faucet, water tap outlet or showerheads
  • Private household,
  • Mobile home, recreational vehicle, cottage/recreational property
  • Apartment buildings
  • Community water supply system
  • Park/rest area water supply and/or washroom facilities
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs
  • Hot water heating systems, cooling tower installations
  • Commercial establishments, including restaurant, bakery, grocery store, spa, tourist accommodation, car wash, laundry, hair salon, etc.
  • Agricultural use (e.g. poultry / livestock watering, processing water, on sprayer equipment, composting)
  • Industrial uses (e.g. processing and cooling operations, metal fabrication, recirculation water use)


The AquaKat® is easy to install. No plumbing is required. It is usually, simply, clamped or strapped onto the main intake water pipe. In cases where the AquaKat® cannot be attached centrally to the main water pipe it can usually be fitted in an alternative location. [Example: in an apartment suite a medium or small AquaKat® may be positioned on the water pipe in the kitchen (under the sink), in the bathroom (on the shower apparatus) and/or on the intake water line to the washing machine.] The small AquaKat® is also well suited for travelling, for use in hotels or recreational vehicles and for use in conjunction with a water filtration or reverse osmosis system. The AquaKat® can be fitted to all pipe materials.


Water – an ideal solvent once again

One benefit of water revitalization with the AquaKat® is that lime build-up inside water pipes becomes dissolved and does not re-form. The reason for this is that the water regains its natural capability to hold dissolvent mineral substances as microscopic particles – 200 to 300 times smaller than before (the diagram opposite illustrates the difference). This means that lime does not build up on pipes, in hot water tanks, hot water heating systems, appliances or in commercial, industrial or agricultural operations, especially where water is recirculated or heated. Similarly, rust in steel pipes is dissolved and then washed away like other substances in the water, instead of accumulating or staining fixtures.


Microscopic examination has shown that practically no coagulated crystals form under the influence of the AquaKat®. Instead, small round and isolated singular crystals are formed that have the additional effect of stabilizing the hardness of the water.

In another comparison, the crystal scientist Dr Elmar Langenscheidt has re-tested the well-known crystallization behaviour of ascorbic acid. In water that was informed by the AquaKat®, ideal typical uniaxial crystals are formed. Their centre is clearly recognizable. It becomes the centre of a radial corona of interference colours, which indicates a closed crystal structure.

Hard water versus soft water

It is widely accepted that good quality drinking water is an essential and healthy part of our daily diet. The minerals that it contains, such as potassium and magnesium, are also part of the water and give it its good taste. Calcium is also part of this; however, it can have side effects. It may be good for the human body, but the buildup of calcium (lime scale) in pipes, in hot water tanks, on plumbing fixtures, kettles, etc. can cause significant problems and costs.

What most people do not realize is that water that is too soft can also cause damage – by corroding metals and metal surfaces. Rust can eat away on the inside of pipes. Lime can therefore be useful, even important. Just to get rid of it means also to give up its protective properties.

This is why water experts recommend leaving the valuable calcium in the water! Modern water treatment techniques and systems, such as AquaKat®, work on the calcium in such a way that prevents it from settling as harmful lime scale, while allowing it to retain its protective properties.

Hard water
Soft water

  • calcium (lime scale) build-up
  • higher energy consumption (hot water)
  • reduced operating capacity (clogged pipes and fixtures)
  • damaged appliances (hot water heater, kettle, coffee maker, dishwasher, etc.)

  • corrosion and rust
  • aggressive water (pitting)
  • dissolves heavy metal from pipes (e.g. copper)

  • protection from corrosion and pitting
  • better taste (mineral present)
  • water with a “grip”

  • enhanced solubility
  • reduced detergent/soap required
  • no calcium (lime scale) build-up

By addressing problems of lime build-up in pipes and on fixtures and by eliminating rust stains on plumbing appliances and elsewhere, the AquaKat® can eliminate the need for a water softener and/or iron removal device – saving money on water equipment and replacement products (salt, filters, etc.). Also plumbing systems work more efficiently (at increased capacity), hot water tanks last longer and water heating energy costs are reduced. These are all factors which enable the AquaKat® to pay for itself quickly.

New insights into tap water

The pleasant and healing effects of water, which has been treated with the AquaKat®, are not easily measured or assessed by visual examination. Yet, they can be experienced. During the more than twenty years of AquaKat® use in Europe an extensive number of favourable experiences have been documented, including the following:

A leading German plumbers’ trade journal “SBZ Sanitar-Heizungs-Klima-und Klempnertechnik” undertook a study on the effectiveness of the AquaKat®. They commissioned a group of plumbers to test the device with their residential customers. More than 80 percent of test participants reported positive results with the AquaKat®. During the three months test period, it was reported that former problems of lime scale build-up on pipes, in hot water heaters and on appliances (e.g. kettles) resolved themselves. Households that previously had a rust problem reported that red discolouration of their water disappeared. Also participants identified water properties that can only be experienced subjectively, including: the water simply tasted better; felt softer; the chlorine taste seemed to disappear and when having a shower it felt more refreshing – as if under a waterfall in the mountains. [Note: an English translation of this study called: Humbug or New Perspective is below under Information Downloads.]

AquaKat Residential Use

For most households a Large AquaKat (AquaKat L) will have sufficient capacity for all household requirements. Nonetheless, frequently in a single family residential dwelling a Medium AquaKat (AquaKat M) can also be added after the hot water tank to further support the revitalization process of the hot water supply.

Model / Size
Recommended Daily Capacity
Number of Persons
AquaKat Large 800 USG (3,000 litres) per day 6 to 8
AquaKat Medium 200 USG (750 litres) per day 2 to 3
AquaKat Small 50 USG (200 litres) per day Individual tap/showerhead
AquaKat Flow 200 USG (750 litres) per day Individual fixture/showerhead **
* USG = U.S. gallon ** AquaKat Flow has threaded ends and the water flows through it.

The capacity of the Medium AquaKat® (AquaKat M) is well suited for:

  • a single apartment unit
  • mobile home
  • recreational vehicle
  • small recreational property
  • in-floor hot water radiant heating system
  • solar collection system

The Small AquaKat® can easily be affixed to a household tap, faucet or showerhead. It is ideal for revitalizing household, drinking and service water at individual taps and for travelling. In cases where it is used in conjunction with a water filter or reverse osmosis water system the AquaKat® S should be installed on the downstream end of such systems.

Former Problem with Septic System Resolved: A few months after installing an AquaKat® on their home water system, a household noticed as a side benefit that a chronic set of problems they used to experience with their septic system – bad odor, a need to frequently pumped out the septic tank and the tile field not functioning efficiently – all seemed to resolve themselves. Their regular septic tank pump out operator observed: “It seems to have initiate an aerobic process in the septic tank, eliminating foul odors and causing the whole system to function more efficiently and not requiring as regular a pumpout.”)

AquaKat and Swimming Pools / Hot Tubs

In addition to its general use, the AquaKat® may also be used in swimming pools and hot tubs. The AquaKat® increases the quality of the water in a swimming pool or hot tubs.
The benefits of vitalized water in a swimming pool / hot tub are:


  • Softer and fresher feel to the skin
  • Facilitates longer duration use of water (reduces the need for harsh chemicals such as chlorine)
  • Decreases accumulation of germs and bacteria in the water (therefore reducing need for pool chemicals)

Installation should take place after the filter. While chemical and mechanical filtration systems are still necessary, water testing should reveal that with the AquaKat® the use of chemicals can usually be significantly reduced. It is recommended that at the outset (when the AquaKat® is first installed) that no adjustment should be made to other pool maintenance systems (filters, chlorination program, etc.), yet a monitoring program respecting pool chemicals (chlorine level, etc.) should be undertaken to gauge the extent to which the use of other pool maintenance systems may be gradually reduced. In some cases, private swimming pool owners that have installed a swimming pool AquaKat® have been able to dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for pool chemicals or mechanical filtration. However, each operating system and pool is different and individual pool / hot tub owners will need to assess their own situation.

AquaKats for Commercial/Industrial and Agricultural Usage

In commercial, industrial and agricultural operations, where larger water volumes are often used the AquaKat® XL (capacity 1,600 USG/day) and the AquaKat® XXL (8,000 USG/day) may be used. More than one AquaKat® can be used at the same time. For instance for an operation with a daily want use of 16,000 USG two AquaKat® XXLs can be used in sequence/tandem with one another.

Model / Size
Recommended Daily Capacity
AquaKat L 800 USG (3,000 litres) per day
AquaKat XL 1,600 USG (6,000 litres) per day
AquaKat XXL 8,000 USG (30,000 litres) per day

Commercial Uses for the AquaKat


There have been numerous reports of favorable results with the AquaKat® being used in commercial and industrial operations.  Some include:

  • A champagne producer was able to decommission their water softening plant
  • A hotel now saves 30 percent on its costs for cleaning and disinfection agents
  • A bakery reports that their bread dough is easier to process
  • A pasta manufacturer has a similar experience with kneading their dough
  • Another bakery has become famous for their bread’s flavor and freshness and it ability to “practically” never go stale – which the owner attributes to the installation of an AquaKat®
  • A hairdresser reports using less shampoo in her salon and her client’s hair looks shinier and softer
  • Pub owners / restaurateurs are happy with the notably improved taste of their water, and comment on the ease in cleaning glassware (“sparkling clean”) and reduced detergent requirements in the laundry
  • The produce manager in a grocery store observed that his store’s produce now has a better shelf life, experiences reduced deterioration (e.g. overcomes lettuce wilting) and looks fresher, since having installed an AquaKat® M on their produce water misting operation.
  • A cheese manufacturer has found that his hot water boiler which previously required constant cleaning, to address a lime build-up problem, no longer experiences this problem
  • A car wash operator reports lower water surface tension (water beading up / water spotting) and a lower volume of soap/detergent use since an AquaKat® was installed
  • A metal fabricator reports their (wet) metal lathes now work more efficiently and the water seems smoother
  • A ski resort in Switzerland reports that a previous problem with odors from a high traffic washroom/toilet facility has been overcome through the installation of an AquaKat®
  • A cooling system, with recirculated water, experienced a reduction in lime build-up, lower operating costs and reduced need for shutdown and clean-up
  • The French Navy did extensive tests on the AquaKat® and discovered that it changes the structure of the water and improves the quality of water and reduced shutdown times to clean equipment previously plagued by a problem of lime build-up

AquaKat and Agricultural Use

In the same manner as humans benefit from vitalized water, animals also signal an appreciation for AquaKat® vitalized (or restructured) water. A simple experiment is to give livestock AquaKat® vitalized water in one water trough and give them their regular water in another adjoining water trough. The animals will show a preference for the vitalized AquaKat water (and there is no placebo effect with animals, as there can be with humans).


In an agricultural setting, the AquaKat® can be used to:

  • improve the quality of animal’s drinking water
  • create negative (or alkaline) water which is beneficial for livestock
  • improve coat/hair condition of animals
  • support animal health (e.g. assisted in overcoming infectious entericolitis in poultry)
  • helps overcome problems of hard water locking up herbicides (and other farm chemicals) in spraying operations
  • increase the efficiency of herbicides (desiccation) when used in conjunction with a field sprayer
  • shown to make calcium and magnesium in hard water more bioavailable to plants
  • elevate quality of farmhouse water supply
  • stimulate aerobic process in compost/manure and septic systems (and reduces associated odor)
  • in conjunction with penergetic w (for groundwater) can be used to improve quality of cistern water
  • suitable for all other uses mentioned above (e.g. residential, commercial) carried out on a farm

In livestock rearing operations where a large volume of water is used on a continuous basis units able to offer a larger daily capacity may be warranted.

AquaKat – Other Special Situations

In a multi-family apartment building (or condominium project) instead of individual suites or units having their own in-suite AquaKat®, greater economies of scale can often be achieved by installing one or more the larger-sized (XL or XXL) AquaKats to serve the whole building.

Likewise, in larger scale industrial operations or commercial operations (i.e. a hotel), it can be more economical and practical to install one of these larger unit.

For these types of applications it is best to consult a Penergetic/AquaKat distributor for advice as to the best approach in addressing your particular situation.

Also, as referenced under the section on Penergetic w (for water reclamation), there are “special” waterproof XXL AquaKats and AquaKat water modules (water units) that are specifically designed to assist in the remediation of water bodies. Refer to penergetic w for information on these special devices.

ThemoKat – for Hot Water Heating Systems

The ThermoKat is a special purpose form of the AquaKat intended for use on a hot water heating system (e.g. in-floor heating system, hot water boiler) where water typically is recirculated. The ThermoKat has the effect of increasing the efficiency of the hot water system by vitalizing the water and preventing the problem of recirculated water becoming muddy (or brownish color) due to a “battery effect” – the minute corrosion of metal alloys on the heating system.

Fix to the water line after the boiler, the ThemoKat helps prevent the water from loosing a certain vitality resulting from heating. Advantages: activated water, better heat transfer, less residue and reduces deposits on expensive thermostats.

The ThermoKat comes in the following sizes/capacities:

Model / Size
Recommended Daily Capacity
ThermoKat L 400 USG (1,500 litres) per day
ThermoKat M 200 USG (750 litres) per day

Satisfaction Guarantee

The AquaKat has been in use in Europe for about twenty-five (25) years. The “Original” AquaKats sold 20 years ago are still in use today – they do not run out, expire or become obsolescent. They simply continue to produce revitalized water.

Nonetheless, every AquaKat sold in North America comes with a:

  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee *
  • 5 years warranty on workmanship- Applicable if you are not completely satisfied with how the AquaKat performs
    – Subject to water unit and box being returned in good condition
    – 60 days for commercial and agricultural operations

The AquaKat is designed as a “one time” purchase.

There are no on-going operating expenses:

  • no filters to change
  • no plumbing or cutting of pipes required
  • no special equipment needs to install
  • no magnets to wear out or loss their charge
  • no moving parts to wear out or need to be replaced
  • no chemicals or salt to add
  • no electricity required



For more information on AquaKat the following downloads are available:

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¤ excerpt from book: A Vision Becomes Reality, Ernstfried Prade, ISBN 978-3-929771-12-1
* full title of article: “All life-cycles are either directly or indirectly connected with water. This water plays an important role in our day-to-day environmental problems”