Penergetic Solutions – the future of Agriculture™

Penergetic products, from Switzerland, have been in distribution for over twenty-five years now and are used in over thirty-five countries globally (and on six continents).

Penergetic products provide a full-spectrum approach to the enhancement of agricultural systems and water. The diagram below illustrates this inter-relationship between various product categories.

In terms of agriculture, based on a sustainable approach, farm manure is optimized, soil fertility is enhanced, animal health and productivity is naturally supported and plants simply grow better. Whether utilizing conventional or organic practices, farmers are able to derive substantial benefits from Penergetic products in their program. Easy to use and economical, Penergetic’s agricultural products have a beneficial role to play in virtually every farming operation in the U.S.

It’s time to “Penergize ® …..your agricultural practices.”

Water is a vital resource for all forms of life on earth, yet increasingly is one of our most important renewable resources requiring thoughtful management and use. Penergetic is able to play an important role in improving the quality of drinking water, enhancing water for agricultural use and in cleaning (and rebalancing) damaged aquatic systems.

Penergetic Crop Production Overview

Penergetic Wildlife Deterrent – Testimonials


– a cycle in harmony with nature


Solutions for Agriculture and the Environment

*OMRI® Listed products undergo a rigorous review to ensure
that they comply with organic standards.